About Me

My name is Gabe O’Neill and I live in Ijamsville, MD, which is a suburb of Frederick.  I live here with my wife, daughter, two dogs and a cat that leaves “gifts” around the house to my daughter’s delight.  I absolutely LOVE living in Frederick.  It is such a wonderful city and a good place to raise children. 

I was born in Ontario, Canada.  I then moved to Miami, Florida for my high school years.  It was back up to Canada for my degree which was obtained from the University of Guelph.  I was getting dizzy so I settled right in the middle of the two places – in Maryland in 1977.

I have been in software development for quite a few years now.  I build web sites, program in C++ and dabble in PHP.

I am currently the president of Wags for Hope, which is a volunteer pet group that visits nursing homes. You will see a lot of related posts about this organization.  I am also cofounder of “Kids are Heroes” along with my ten-year-old daughter. This is a web site that promotes kids who are active in their communities.

I had an itch to write a book about my experiences with Wags for Hope, but you all know how that goes. I discovered I could quench that thirst by blogging. I started in July of 2008, and in December of that same year I discovered Twitter. I have two identities on Twitter, one is TeamCharlie which is my Wags for Hope and dog outlet, and the other is KidsAreHeroes.  I feel that Twitter is the perfect platform to spread the word about Kids Are Heroes, since both are global applications.  If you are not on Twitter yet, jump right in – the water is fine!


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